Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Doughnuts (Uštipci)

Doughnuts were always prepared in our house. Ever since I was a kid it was my favorite breakfast, today were also to our little children. I believe that there are plenty of recipes for this delicious and soft doughnuts but here's one of mine. I do not know in which category the meal would have classified them as they can be used as hot or cold appetizers with a variety of cheeses, as well as a dessert, with jam, Nutella ... You decide!

These are doughnuts without yeast, quick to prepare when you do not have a lot of time, and yet are very tasty. Here's to all those who may come tired from work, do not have a ready lunch or dinner.
Ingredients :

• 3 eggs
• 1/2 tsp of salt
• 300 ml of warm milk
• 1 baking powder
• 300-400 grams of flour
• sunflower oil

Preparation :

In a bowl put the eggs and whisk them briefly, add milk and stir. Add flour, salt and baking powder and stir that has no lumps. Add the flour so that you get the thick dough that when you grab with a spoon that is slowly leaking from the spoon.

When the oil was warm (not very hot, but to bake on low heat), first plunge the empty spoon into the hot oil that the dough would not glue to spoon. The most important thing is to guess the proper temperature, I warm up the oil on medium heat and then reduce slightly and bake doughnuts.

I do not like to bake them in a lot of oil, and therefore, usually preparing in the grill pan with a little oil or butter and they are very tasty.
Serving :

We love them with cheese and sour cream, cream cheese or pate. Of course that after the salt combinations sure to try also sweet with a Nutella or some homemade jams.

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