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Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Karakaddi - Spicy Stick.

Karakaddi is the popular recipe in Indian made with simple ingredients and quickly it's very good recipe for beginners. For people who like spicy snacks will love this.


  • 300 grams of rice flour
  • a pinch of soda bicarbonate
  • 1/2 tsp red chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp carom seeds
  • To Taste - Salt
  • 2 tbsp Soften Butter
  • Oil to deep fry


First, sieve the flour. In a large bowl take sieved rice flour, red chili powder, carom seeds, salt. Give a quick mix.Add in soften butter and mix well again. Add water in small quantity to make the stiff dough without any cracks.

Now sprinkle water little by little and prepare the dough. The dough should be having very thick sticky paste consistency. Now take Karakaddi mold, with the plate having 3 - 4 holes. Now fill in the dough into the mold using a spoon.

If you do not have a mold you can also keep a little dough or a ball of dough on the ladle and rub it through the holes.The dough falls through the holes into the hot oil in the shape of small sticks or thick noodles.

Heat the oil in a wide frying pan. And press the dough directly into the hot oil using the mold. Fry under medium flame until the bubbles or sound has stopped. Remove from the oil and drain in kitchen tissue, repeat same for remaining dough.

Let the spicy stick cool down completely before breaking it into finger sized pieces and transferring it into an airtight container.

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