Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tips For Healthy Hair

Select appropriate products for your hair type. Take into account fat or dryness of hair and its old treatments NPR. Perm. Avoid overlong use a hair dryer or hot rollers and do not let the hot air near the hair. Let it dry or damaged hair itself dry. For more beautiful hair use a thermostatically controlled steam curlers. Bleach, permanent and some paint can damage the hair and scalp, but always exactly follow the manufacturer's instructions for their use. If your hair is in bad condition go out of the freezer for such procedures. If your hair is dry and want to select the color of plant products such as henna and other plants- they will strengthen your hair and give it shine. For elimination excess fat hair rinse with distilled water to which you add a little lemon juice. For shiny hair rub castor oil in the scalp with your fingers for two hours before washing. It'll give you hair to be shiny, and protect the troops and split ends. Boil four teaspoons of dried thyme in two cups of hot water and allow to cool. Apply to clean, damp scalp to get rid of dandruff.

Spices that miraculous improves the quality of your hair:

· Fenugreek seeds contain an enzyme which improves blood flow to the scalp and allows more nutrients and oxygen reaches the hair follicles. For even better results should be every day to drink a cup of tea from fenugreek.

· Essential oils such as geranium, lavender and blueberries mixed with olive oil or water can help with the discomfort of the scalp.

· For dry scalp, which is jaw should mix three drops of lavender and geranium, and two drops of sandalwood oil with five teaspoons of olive oil. The mixture well into the scalp and leave it for about an hour, after waiting for a well to wash.

· For greasy scalp that is jaw should mix three drops of oil atlantke cedar, two drops of rosemary oil and two drops of lemon juice. All this is well into the scalp and cover with a plastic bag and let it react for half an hour, after which it should be flushed. Avoid Note: rosemary oil in the event of pregnancy.

· The mixture, for irritated and red itchy scalp, which consists of two drops of geranium and lavender oil in three tablespoons of almond oil. The mixture put on lasiste and let it react for about ten minutes, then wash the well.

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