Monday, February 8, 2016

Eat Well Feel Good

The food you eat is the source of energy that you need to every cell in your body have provided fuel for the operation as well as the ingredients necessary for the body's growth and repair , while also enabling the body to produce a variety of substances necessary for its normal functioning .

The body needs more than 40 nutrients for energy , growth and tissue repair . The water , which makes the largest and part of our body , also is necessary for life . She is an agent for body fluids such as blood and lymph circulation , bringing nutrients to the cells and carries away the waste and harmful substances from the body .

Understanding of food have changed in recent years . Not so long ago , it was widely held opinion that avoiding pojedninih foods , such as fat means healthy eating . Although the reduction of excessive fat intake still considered important now is stronger emphasis placed on the diet that includes good mutual balance of foods rich in nutrients.

Eat a variety of foods, so you can provide a sufficient amount of calories, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are necessary for your body .

Each food group provide us with a body the necessary nutrients , but no group contains all the nutrients . If your balanced diet and regularly eat fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals and animal protein probably do not need to provide additional nutrients . Adding multiple nutrients useful in certain circumstances, for example , during pregnancy , when we are sick or injured , in times of high stress or physical exertion .

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